10 crazy COOL low rider jeeps of India: Edition II

Lowrider Jeeps or hotrods are popular modifications abroad. In India, however, the number of lowriders are pretty scarce. Almost all lowrider Jeeps are concentrated in the land of five rivers – Punjab. We bring you ten crazy lowrider jeeps of India.

Tractor silencer


Tractors are quite popular in the region because of vast expanses of farmlands. The Jeep owners, in an attempt to copy the tractor look, add such accessories.

Seen here is a Jeep that gets huge tyres with treads matching that of tractor tyres. The Jeep also gets LED lamps and two extra horns on the bonnet. To make it stand out further, the owner has added twin vertical silencers on the wheel arch.

Wheels and guns


The black coloured Jeep looks badass, especially with the guns kept on it as ornaments. The Jeep seen here gets similar large tractor inspired tyres. There is a single bar on the top to save the occupants from being crushed if the Jeep rolls over. There are also auxiliary lamps mounted on the bumper of the Jeep.



The stealth Jeep painted in black is stanced. It gets split windscreen to allow better air circulation. The headlamps have been upgraded to LEDs. The suspension has been upgraded too which may translate into lower body roll than the stock. There are two huge auxiliary lamps at the front.



During the British rule, Willy’s Jeeps were abundant in the country. With time, the number of Willy’s became extremely rare. There are still many Willy’s Jeeps running in India. This is one example. This one gets lowered suspension, bigger tyres, alloy wheels, and extra lamps.

Angel eyes


The lowered Jeep gets distinctive angel eyes DRLs. The grille of the Jeep has been painted in silver while the body is black, giving it a unique look. The modified Jeep can only seat two people. For the ease of driving, it gets a power steering and a smaller steering wheel.

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