Bosch: Paving the way for smarter mobility

The auto landscape in India is undergoing rapid transformation. Customers expects their cars to be cleaner, safer and smarter but at the same just as reliable so that they meet the needs that are both unique and myriad.

For that to happen, the entire automobile ecosystem needs to up its game. And Bosch is doing exactly that with its very wide range of technologies and services in the area of mobility solutions.

On one hand, it is collaborating with OEMs to help them roll out BS VI compliant vehicles while on the other, it has rolled out electric mobility solutions that make it easier for OEMs to develop electric vehicles.

Broadly, Bosch has rolled out solutions in four areas that are key to the transformation in automobile industry.

Helping Automakers Go Electric

While imperative to go electric is obvious, developing electric vehicles cost effectively and within reasonable timelines is not easy. After all, it involves a completely new set of technologies. That’s where Bosch comes in. For instance, Bosch has devised an integrated system for Light electric vehicles with performance classes ranging from 1 to 20 KW, to have an all-in-one solution that enables a safe and dynamic ride experience. The motor, control unit, battery, and innovative connectivity functions synergize perfectly to ensure well-balanced vehicle performance and long range. It also offers other sub systems such as one for battery management that help faster deployment of electric powertrains.

Helping Automakers Go Clean

A range of solutions are now being deployed to reduce emissions from the conventional engines. Broadly, this is being done by innovations around the existing powertrains that increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Another way is to adopt Smart Hybrid solutions which ‘support’ the engine under certain conditions and therefore reduce the ‘load’. This, in turn, helps increase mileage and reduce emissions.

Bosch has led the charge in both the approaches. Its powertrain systems are helping get more out of conventional engines while its 48V hybrid system serve as a perfect bridge to the fully electric world of the future.

Helping Automakers Build Connected Cars

Bosch offers automaker a secure and reliable solution to deploy ‘Connected Car’ features that are now a must-have for most car buyers. These solutions include 3D display, Driver and Passenger Monitoring (AI), Battery in the Cloud, Convenience Charging and Perfectly Keyless solutions enhanced with advanced security.

Another noticeable solution from Bosch is the eCall, an emergency call system for cars, which enables a faster emergency response in case of accidents and other emergencies. Bosch already delivers this service to Daimler in more than 50 countries and in 18 languages, and is now expanding its services to the rest of the world.

Helping Automakers Enhance Safety and Automation

Safety has moved on from protecting the passengers in case of mishap to helping prevent the accident in the first place. Driver assistance systems are the starting point for safety in mobility. Bosch’s precision systems greatly increase safety and assist a driver throughout the journey.

Bosch’s driver assistance systems are enabled by data fusion and smartphone integration which makes it possible for all OEMs to support the driver in complex and critical traffic situations. Features such as Electronic Stability Program (ESP), predictive emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, traffic jam assist guarantee enhanced driving safety and comfort.

While cars and bike makers hog the limelight, Bosch is working behind the scenes to quietly shape the future of mobility. As Dr. Markus Heyn, Member of the Board of Management, Robert Bosch GmbH puts,“Bosch is a company with vast experience in mobility and beyond. We not only focus on creating an automated, electrified and connected mobility ecosystem but also strive towards making vehicles a smart and safe companion in the future.”


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