Continued: 10 affordable automatic cars with MORE mileage than manual variants

Nissan Sunny


While the Sunny isn’t a very popular car in the market currently, it has a petrol CVT and a petrol manual option. The petrol CVT in this case is more fuel efficient than the manual. While the CVT manages 17.97 kmpl, the manual only manages 16.95 kmpl. The engine in question is a 1.5 liter unit which produces 98 Bhp and 134 Nm.

Honda City

city 23

The Honda City was one of the first vehicles to have a CVT way back in 2003 and now, it also became one of the first to have a more economical automatic as compared to the manual. The engine in question is a 1.5 liter unit making 118 Bhp and 145 Nm. The engine which can be had as a CVT produces 18 kmpl while the manual version can only manage 17.4 kmpl.

Honda BR-V


The BR-V is Honda’s take on the Hyundai Creta and the Renault Duster. And while the BR-V does have the additional third row seating, it hasn’t managed to really go down well with the buyers and there are a lot of discounts on offer on the vehicle as well.  The BR-V petrol has an automatic as well as a manual and the CVT automatic is more fuel efficient. It returns 16 kmpl as opposed to the 15.4 the manual returns. The engine is a 1.5 liter unit, the same one on the City and the output is 118 Bhp and 145 Nm.

Toyota Fortuner


The Fortuner is the surprising car here on this list. Who would have thought that this massive hulk would have an automatic variant being more efficient than a manual variant. And more surprising is the fact that it is the petrol version. While the 2.7 liter petrol automatic returns 10.26 kmpl, the manual only manages 10.01 kmpl. The engine produces 164 Bhp and 245 Nm.

Skoda Superb

superb 13

And lastly, we have the Skoda Superb, another DSG vehicle where the automatic is more fuel efficient than the manual. In this case, the Superb is powered by the 1.8 liter TSI engine which makes 177 Bhp and 250 Nm. While the DSG returns 14.67 kmpl, the manual only manages 14.12 kmpl. The manual does have more torque though, at 320 Nm.

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