Continued: 10 BIGGEST mistakes people make while off-roading

Tyre pressure

lower tyre pressure

Tyre pressures play an important role while off-roading. If you do plan to go on a sandy surface, make sure you lower your tyre pressure so that the contact area increases and the pressure is distributed over a larger surface area. This will prevent you from getting bogged down. Make sure you revert back to the required tyre pressure when you are done with the off-roading else it could result in a tyre blow out.

Not maintaining momentum

constant momentum

Offroading is all about being slow and having momentum. Any sudden acceleration could create issues. The best thing to do is to have adequate momentum and keep it moving. If you do get stuck, revving hard will not get you out, but it may get you stuck deeper in the rut. Make sure you keep that in mind. Having momentum and gradual throttle input is what will get you out of mucky situations.

Holding the steering


Most people hold the steering wheel by putting their thumbs on the inside of the wheel. While this is okay under normal driving conditions, it is not so while off-roading. Make sure to keep your thumbs outside. The reason behind this is that in case the car hits a rock or anything, there maybe a sudden movement in the steering wheel which could result in breaking the thumbs. Thus it is advised to keep your thumbs out while driving.

Not checking surroundings

know your surroundings

While you go off-roading, checking the surrounding area is very important. Always try doing a walk ahead to see how the area is. Sometimes you may mistake how soft the sand or the slush is. Walking on it gives a clear idea as to whether the land will be able to take the weight of the car or not.

Water wading


The key to water wade is to keep constant momentum and not try splashing it around. Also make sure you aren’t going too slow as it may cause a wave to come back at you. Going in too fast could result in water splashing into the airbox which will result in the engine getting a hydrostatic lock, something which is an expensive fix.

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