Continued: 10 cars on Life support, and superb alternates’

Renault Pulse: On life support

Alternate: Hyundai Grand i10

Renault Pulse Hatchback 1

Renault launched its version of the Micra, the Pulse a few years back. While it did look better than the Micra, it still didn’t find many takers. Over the past few months, the company has not dispatched a single unit of the Pulse, which makes us believe that it could soon be dead. The Grand i10 is a great alternative.

Hyundai Grand

The Grand i10 is roomy, comfortable, well loaded, has new engine options and is complete value for money. This makes it the ideal alternative to the Pulse, which scores high on interior space.

Fiat Abarth Punto:  On life support

Alternate: VW Polo GT TSI

Fiat Punto Abarth

The Abarth Punto is undoubtedly the hottest hatchback on sale below the Rs 10 lakh mark. It can even humiliate a few sedans that are of a higher segment. However, Fiat is not finding enough customers currently. The company is selling single digit units of the Abarth (Punto/ Avventura). Yes, there is no match to the Abarth, but if the company does decide to shut the model, the Polo GT TSI is the closest that you can get to the Abarth.

VW GT TSI Sport_1

While the Polo makes lesser power, it makes up by providing a fast shifting dual clutch transmission. Also, there are a lot of mods possible for the Polo, a lot more than what can be offered for the Abarth.

Renault Scala: On life support

Alternate: Maruti Ciaz

Renault Scala

Like the Pulse, Renault also tried to get their own iteration of the Sunny and called it the Scala. Yes, the Scala looks better than the Sunny too and has the same USP, massive rear space. The company could never sell enough Scalas and the past few months, they haven’t sold a single unit. The Ciaz is the best alternative to the Scala.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Hybrid 2

The main reason behind this is the fact that the Ciaz is also roomy, not to expensive to buy, has premium interiors and is well loaded. Both cater more to the rear seat audience and hence the Ciaz is the perfect alternative.

Mahindra Nuvosport: On life support

Alternate: Mahindra TUV300

Mahindra Nuvosport 1

The Nuvosport was introduced last year as a replacement for the Quanto, which was the company’s first compact SUV. The Nuvosport looks very menacing, courtesy its LED DRLs. However, it has been selling only double digit numbers and it is very tough to spot one on the road. The TUV makes an ideal alternative to the Nuvosport.


The TUV is also a ladder on frame, has the 5+2 seating configuration, has the same engine and transmission options and is more of a SUV to look at. The company has also been selling close to 2k units every month.

Alternate: Mahindra Verito: On life support

Toyota Etios

Mahindra Verito

Another Mahindra product which is suffering when it comes to sales is the Verito. This is the company’s only sedan offering and is based on the previous generation Dacia Logan. The main USP of the Verito is the space and the practicality, which is why we think the ideal alternative for the Verito is the Etios.


The Etios is the only compact sedan to be larger than the 4 meter mark. While it does have basic interiors, when it comes to space and comfort, there are very few cars that can match it. Thus this makes the ideal alternative to the Verito.

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