Continued: 10 things you should NOT do while driving through a flooded road

Here are five more things that you should not do while driving through flooded roads.

Don’t crank the vehicle if it stalls


If you’re somehow stuck in the middle of a waterlogged street. It is always advised not to crank the car. The engine stops when the water enters the combustion chamber. It is called hydro locking.

If the car is cranked, the starter motor forces the engine to move. The water damages the engine parts badly when it is forcibly moved while cranking. Always call for a towing service if the car stops due to water entering the engine or the exhaust.

Take alternate route


Even after following extreme care and precaution, flooded roads can harm your vehicle. It is the best idea to take an alternate route if possible. Yes, it may longer, and you may have to cover more distance, but water logged roads can prove to be extremely dangerous for the vehicle and the occupants.

Don’t apply brake for potholes or speed breakers


Many people use brakes nervously when they hit small potholes, stones or small speed breakers. Applying brake means you lift off your foot off the accelerator. As soon as you do that, the water gushes in through the exhaust pipe. The outflow of exhaust gases keeps the water out of the pipe. If you feel that there is a small hurdle like a pothole or a speed breaker, do not apply the brake while crossing it. Rather keep a steady speed (say 20 Kph in first gear) in the lower gears.

Check brakes as soon as you come out

The water often carries small debris that can get stuck the car’s brakes. It is always a good idea to apply brakes a few times to make the brakes dry and remove any debris from the braking system. It ensures that your brake will work as expected when you need it.

If unsure, wait


Even if you do not have any choice but to cross that path but you’re unsure how deep or how bad it is,  just wait it out. A few hours of delay is always a better option than to get stuck at an unfamiliar water crossing. It is the best strategy to counter dangerous water-logged streets.

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