Crazily modified DC Design cars & how they look in real life; Honda City to Skoda Superb

DC has given a few interestingly-designed vehicles to us. However, there are a few which are designed to catch attention outright. We bring you hfive such DC cars and how they look in real life.

Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb notchback is one of the most beautiful cars on the Indian roads. Here is a DC-fied example of the Superb that does not resemble the stock car at all. It gets a complete body kit that makes it bulgy. The headlamps are inspired by the Cadillac ATS. The rear has been modified to resemble a coupe-like design now. The car also loses two doors and is now adorned with a striking red colour.

Mahindra Thar

The straight line and simple design of the Mahindra Thar is based on the Jeep CJ-5 and liked by many. However, the timeless design has been given a modern touch by the DC. The vehicle gets a full body kit with newly shaped headlamps and a new grille too. It also gets wide tyres with alloy wheels and spare wheel mounted on the rear. The vehicle has been painted in bright red. Even the interiors have been modified and get bright red inserts mixed with wooden panels.

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The Star War inspired concept design is based on the Reva-i electric car. The seating layout of the vehicle has been changed and now the passenger sits on the rear of the driver like in a fighter jet.The vehicle gets gullwing doors and the translucent roof. It looks quite like an oversized toy but catches a lot of eyes. The interiors are bright red and one would feel like a superhero to drive this vehicle home.

Honda City

The Honda City design philosophy is all about being subtle and classy. However, this body kit from DC completely changes its character. The car gets modified bumper, a body moulding with red plastic grille and rear diffuser. There is also a faux scoop on the bonnet. The only stock part in the vehicle are the alloy wheels.

Renault Duster

The good old Duster stands out on the road because of its bulky design. DC Design has taken this Duster to another level with the body. There are sleek LED headlamps while the foglamp pods have been modified to add extra lamps. The body remains stock but with the changed front fascia, the Duster has been transformed into something else altogether.

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