India’s BEST bang-for-the-buck SUVs

The Indian consumer has always been attracted by SUVs. So much is the demand for SUVs in the country that every manufacturer is now making sure that they have enough SUVs in their portfolio, as that is the fastest growing segment. Here are 6 of the most bang for the buck SUVs in the Indian market:

Maruti Gypsy


The Gypsy has been on sale now for over 2 decades. It is currently available in 2 variants, a soft top and a hard top. It is priced at Rs 6.13 lakhs for the soft top and Rs 6.28 lakhs for the hard top. Power comes from a 1.3 liter petrol engine making 80 Bhp and 130 Nm. The main reason why it is on this list is due to its off-roading capability. The Gypsy, even though powered by a petrol engine is light and hence easily takes on trails without much problems.


In comparison, the Thar and the Gurka are more expensive. The CRDe version of the Thar with 4×4 will cost Rs 8.67 lakhs while the Gurkha is similarly priced as well. Yes, the Gurkha is a lot more capable than the Gypsy, if you are looking for hard core off-roading.

Force Gurkha

The Gypsy on the other hand is not only cheaper to buy, but is cheaper to maintain and has a wider variety of aftermarket parts that can be had.

Maruti Vitara Brezza

Maruti Vitara Brezza iCreate

Maruti’s compact SUV, the Brezza has been mightily successful since its launch. Even today, after over a year, you will still have to wait for over 4 months to get one. The Brezza is only on offer in diesel guise and is the most VFM in the segment. For starters, it offers ABS, EBD and dual airbags as standard across the range. The top spec variant gets cruise control, Apple Car Play and navigation. The Brezza is also roomy on the inside.


The Ecosport and the TUV300 are its main rivals. While the Ecosport is cheaper, it is down to the fact that the Ecosport does have a petrol engine option. Diesel to diesel, the Brezza is cheaper than the Ecosport and the TUV300. Yes, the Ecosport offers more in terms of the 6 airbags and the more power, however you have to pay a lot more for it. The top spec Ecosport to get a touch screen system will be Rs 1 lakh costlier than the Brezza’s top of the line variant.


As for the TUV, it has the option of 7 seats. While it is similarly priced as compared to the Brezza, the Brezza makes more sense for what it offers.

Mahindra Scorpio

Scorpio Advnture

The Scorpio, which has been soldering on for 15 years continues to be a value for money offering. The Scorpio has a wide range of options to choose from, to suit everyone’s needs. The company has also started offering a 4×4 variant on the lower spec S4 trim with the safety kit. The top spec variant of the Scorpio on the other hand is well loaded with a touch screen infotainment system, navigation, rain and light sensors and cruise control.

Tata Safari Storme

The only rival to the Scorpio is the Safari Storme which is now showing its age. The Storme can be had in a total of 4 variants, however there is only one 4×4 variant. While it is cheaper than the Scorpio top end, it still has lesser features to offer than the Scorpio. While the cheapest version of the Safari to have 4×4 is Rs 14.47 lakhs, the cheapest version of the Scorpio to get the same is Rs 12.3 lakhs and the top end variant costs Rs 15.01 lakhs, which makes more sense as a package as compared to the Safari Storme.

Mahindra XUV500

XUV 500

Mahindra has got the pricing of the XUV500 spot on since the day they had launched the vehicle. Initially, there was no direct comparison, but now we have the Hexa. However, we are not talking about that here. What we are talking about is the Hyundai Creta. Why, you maybe wondering. The reason is due to the price overlap.


The top end Creta will set you back Rs 13.94 lakhs, which is similar to what a W6 XUV500 will set you back (Rs 13.49 lakhs).  For the same price, the XUV offers 3 rows of seating, more power and more presence. The XUV also gets a tyre pressure monitor system, rain sensors as well as light sensors, something that is not on offer on the Creta.

Mahindra Scorpio Getaway


In the pick-up segment, the fight is more close. While the newly launched Isuzu V-Cross is very popular due to its massive presence, it isn’t the most value for money offering. The Getaway is that vehicle. The Getaway 4×4 is priced at Rs 9.52 lakhs while the V Cross on the other hand is priced at Rs  12.72 lakhs. The Xenon is priced at Rs 10.18 lakhs.


All 3 of them are not highly loaded, when it comes to features and hence it is the Getaway that makes most sense, given how much cheaper it is.  The Getaway gets the same 2.2 liter engine which is offered on the Scorpio, which means it produces 120 Bhp and 280 Nm.


Isuzu MU-X


With its recent price cut, the MU-X has to be the most affordable when it comes to this segment. The MU-X is powered by a 3.0 liter engine making 174 Bhp and 380 Nm. It is mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission. At Rs 24.35 lakhs for the top spec 4×4 variant, it is the cheapest 4×4 automatic which you can get in this segment.


The Endeavour on the other hand costs Rs 29.59 lakhs, as the 4×4 only comes in the top end 3.2 engine variant and the Fortuner costs Rs 29.18 lakhs, which is a good 5 lakhs more than the MU-X price. The only downside to the MU-X is the after sales support and the brand name, something which the Endeavour and Fortuner have more of.


Image source: Getaway

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