India’s HOTTEST modified Maruti Ciaz: This is IT!

The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is one of the highest-selling cars in its segment. The Ciaz really has a lot going for it. However, it has often been criticized for being a bit dull to drive and also to look at. However, Kollam-based 360 Motoring has given the Ciaz a makeover of sorts to make it look decidedly sporty and very desirable. The car belongs to a petrolhead and automotive engineer – Vaheen Azeez.

As can be seen in the images we have on this page, the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz by 360 Motoring looks far sportier than the stock version. It carries a handful of cosmetic updates, which work together to give this sedan a really sporty image. From the very Audi-esque paint scheme to the huge spoiler at the rear, there are just too many sporty elements on offer.

At the front, you get a new bumper that looks far sportier than the one it replaces. It has huge air dams and even a front bumper splitter. It also carries a blackened-out hexagonal front grille instead of the chrome-plated horizontal slats of the stock car. Moreover, the original headlamps have made way for a set of custom units that carry BMW-like corona rings. Also, there’s a pair of LED DRLs that sits inside the airdam.

In the side profile, the car gets a set of new deep-dish alloy wheels that are shod with wide, low-profile tires. The car also gets a wide body kit, which makes it look more planted and sportier. You also get a black-trim around the side windows. The roof has been painted black, too. At the rear, the first thing you’ll notice is the huge rear spoiler. Also, the boot has been completely de-badged. The original tail-lights have been replaced with black-tinted ones. Also, the stock bumper has been replaced with a really sportier one that carries a dual muffler-cutter at both the ends.

While we aren’t aware if this modified Maruti Suzuki Ciaz carries any performance modifications, we are pretty sure that the highly skilled guys at 360 Motoring would have found it only apt to throw in some performance upgrades. We are really mighty impressed with the way this Ciaz looks. It’s actually the best Ciaz modification we’ve ever seen.

Source – 360 Motoring

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