Selling your 2015 Honda City – What Price to Expect?

What you have here is the 4th gen pre-facelift City. Great driving dynamics and ride quality, combined with ample space for 5 people and Honda’s brand appeal made 4th gen Honda City the sedan to beat in its segment.

And strong demand for the new version translates into good demand and prices for the used sample as well. That means it beats Maruti Ciaz and Hyundai Verna, its two closest rivals, on resale price.

But apart from the make, age and mileage too plays an important role in determining a used car price. Since your City is from 2015, lets look at what other Citys from the same year are fetching on the used car market.

The minimum price, based on our market data analysis for July to September 2019 period is Rs. 4,70,000 while the maximum is Rs. 10,28,000. The median, or the ‘most common’ price is Rs. 7,00,000.

Honda City used car variants price range?

INR 485,000 – INR 10,50,000

Based on price trends in Top 8 cities on the leading used car selling sites

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that’s the range based on the year the car was manufactured. Let’s further fine-tune the price by adding the other important parameter: mileage. The chart below maps all used Honda Citys bought in 2015.


For instance, for a car that has done less than 30,000km, the median price could be Rs. 7,99,500, while if it has done up to 60,000, the price would be lower, at Rs. 7,00,000.

While the age and mileage have the maximum impact on the price, fuel type also has a bearing on it.

So, here is the table that shows the price for 2015 Honda Citys for varying level of mileage and fuel type:


So, as you can see with the chart above, on average, the petrol variant is 11.68% more expensive than the diesel one.

Finally, since used cars are usually bought and sold within a certain region, often city, the location too plays a role in the price that you might get on the market. The two charts [one each for petrol and diesel] below show the average price at which a 2015 Honda City got sold:



Buyers in Bangalore paid most for Honda City while those in Kolkata paid the least. Also, in Kolkata,the more used Citys tend to lose more value [47%] than in Bangalore City [23%]. Read the Honda City Seller’s Guide to maximize your chances of getting the best price

In summary

Most Honda Citys from 2015 with 30,000-60,000 km—the mileage where most Citys are available—sell around the price of Rs. 7,00,000. Apart from all the above factors, the actual condition of your car too plays a big role in determining its value. Check out the Best Deals Honda City sellers have got this month so far.

A scraped underbody or suspension rattles—two bugbears of the otherwise excellent City—can make it hard for you to negotiate a good price. So have them checked and fixed before hitting the market.


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